Pakistani Weddings: The Rukhsati


Giving your children away at a wedding is an important aspect of all weddings in different cultures. For Pakistani weddings, that ritual is known as rukhsati. A rukhsati can be seen as one of the saddest parts of a Pakistani wedding. After the vows are taken and everyone has enjoyed the celebrations, bride must say her goodbyes to her family. The holy book, The Quran, is held above the bride’s head to give her blessings for this new chapter in her life as she makes her way towards the exit.

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The groom’s family typically makes arrangements for a car to take the bride to her new home where they will conduct more family rituals to welcome her. Recently a trend has started where the cars are old classics or flashy sports cars. Before the bride gets into the car she says bye to her closest family and friends. Brides tend to get emotional during the rukhsati as it is never easy saying bye to your parents and siblings. Women in general cry a lot during rukhsatis because they’re reminded of a time when they went through the same thing and often comfort the bride and offer he blessings. The main point of a rukhsati is to give the bride away but offer your blessings and prayers for a new happily married life for the couple.

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